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Announcing the Peninsula Climate Comfort Design Assistance Pilot

The Pilot

Sponsored by Peninsula Clean Energy, Peninsula Climate Comfort will provide services and incentives to five households who would like to electrify some or all of their gas appliances.


Participants will receive

  • A free comprehensive technical analysis to assess the opportunities and challenges of converting furnaces and hot water heaters to electric heat pumps
  • Assessments of benefits of adding solar panels and energy efficiency measures
  • A full financial analysis of installation and operating costs and benefits
  • Technical assistance with hiring contractors and overseeing the work
  • $2,000 from Peninsula Clean Energy to defray installation costs of qualifying electric technologies
  • One year of system monitoring to verify how the new systems perform

Expected timeline is as follows:

  • April: Pilot enrollment closed on April 7.
  • May-June: Conduct feasibility studies and financial analysis
  • June: Make recommendations to participants for electrification upgrades
  • July-October: Assist participants in selecting contractors and completing upgrades
  • November, 2019 to October, 2020: monitor project performance and publish case studies

This is a selective award process. Application deadline is April 7, 2019.

Check out our partner program, HomeIntel:

Offered by Home Energy Analytics (HEA), HomeIntel helps residential customers save energy. The program consists of Smart Audit, HEA’s online energy analysis and management software tool, along with personal Energy Coach support.

Please note that HomeIntel analysis is not currently available to customers with solar panels.

To learn more and enroll in HomeIntel, click here.

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